Fuel Injector

The Best Fuel Injector Cleaner Brands on The Market Today

Right now there are a lot of different additives that are being sold to help with MPG. The best thing about this is that some of the products can give your engine and car a whole lease on life. The best additives that you will find may point towards fuel injection cleaners. The best fuel injector cleaner brands on the market right now are not just companies that come through with this latest focus on MPG. Instead, it’s tried and true companies that have been touting their branding and additions to car enthusiasts for some time. It’s with that in mind, that you may want to catch up with some of the best brands that are on the market today. The following are some of the best reviewed options that you can invest in, and options that could help you gain the upper hand in your chase to getting better gas mileage and efficiency overall.


Ever heard of Lucas Oil? They are one of the top automotive brand in the world. They are so large that there are national stadiums branded by them. This is a huge automobile company that has been creating treatment and stabilizers across several generations of vehicles. As you look at the options that they have, consider looking into Lucas Fuel Treatment, as it’s one of the best additives with nearly perfect reviews across the board.

Red Line

Another brand that is absolutely great is that of Red Line. This is a fast acting solution that has been seen to showcase major improvements to the engine of many older and newer vehicles. As a company, Red Line has made a name for themselves with great attention to details, and formulas that help keep engines move forward.

Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus

A very big name in the industry is this one, Chevron. You already know them as a large brand for gasoline, but they also have additives. You can purchase a case of this or you can buy it one by one and it helps the engine maintain cleanliness. The claim that the company has been pushing out with their gasoline has been in regards to cleaner engine mobility and much more. Techron has been around for some time, and is definitely a premium that has been put into place with their gasoline. This concentrate is a way to ensure your engine gets the Techron option without necessarily going to their gasoline stations.

Royal Purple

This company has been pushing cleaners and stabilizers for some time. They produce high quality cleaners and have been given a great deal of reviews in the positive. The fuel mileage can increase by several gallons, and the efficiency of the engine rises as well with this brand.

As you explore the various automobile options that abound, you will see the aforementioned brands as being some of the best overall. You’ll find that the concentrations of each are different, but the brands are definitely well worth exploring for longevity. Your vehicle may very well get a major boost with these brands at the helm of your fuel injection.